At the end of a financial year AICe’s management board will reward employees with many contributions by a visit to 1-2 countries with economic and cultural development. This has become a cult in AICe. In 2018, the choice of AICe is Malaysia – Singapore for 6 days and 5 nights. This is a great experience for AICE staff.

In the morning, unlike in Vietnam all activities in Singapore start very late at 9am. So we slept a little more. 10h, we begin our journey to visit the unique and majestic populations of Singapore Island: The Water Lion at the Merlion Park, the Esplanade Theater, Fullerton Bay and three huge buildings with the “ship” above Marina Bay Sands.

The first visit to the schedule was the Garden of the Solar Tree, or rather, the lungs of Singapore.

Our motto is: Do your best, play hard. Therefore, all chaos, anxiety, tension will be replaced by the joy of being in harmony, sticking.

These are the most exciting moments we have recorded in time, hoping everyone will never forget these beautiful memories. This tour is a catalyst to highlight each person’s life, making us feel more alive and feel the world around us still has many interesting things to explore.

“Elegant” is the word to describe this dear country. Singaporeans are very polite. The city is very clean from the street side to the small street. Trees and flowers are colorful on all roads, parks, apartment buildings, offices.

This trip is a valuable reward, help us enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe the fresh air in peaceful space, relax.

After two days in Singapore, we left for Malaysia – a very dynamic and modern country. People are very friendly and hospitable. We also like food in Malaysia because they are so diverse.

The first stop in the journey is Melaka – the city is considered the soul of Malaysia with huge museums, archives of historical evidence and the beautiful river Malacca, dividing the city into two parts: the East is the center of the European-style streetscape hidden under the statue of Saint-Bon, west is busy and bustling Chinatown.

Today’s visit is very favorable because sunshine nursery is very beautiful. We were able to take a photo of Melaka.

Our next destination is Batu Caves – one of the three limestone caves with Hindu temples. This location is located 11 km from Kuala Lumpur. Besides the temples, Batu also has the statue of Murugan 42 meters high at the entrance. The trip helps us understand the local culture and gives us new friends.

Our next visit is the new city of Putrajaya. The famous “garden city” of Malaysia. The atmosphere here is fresh, cool, peaceful, making our mood very comfortable. Here, we visit the Putra Mosque, one of the most modern mosques in the world, with distinctive pink color. We look at the unique interior architecture of the Cathedral.

And our last stop is the modern, eco-friendly city of Kuala Lumpur.

Goodbye Malaysia – Singapore, we returned to dear Vietnam with the plans are waiting in front. We strive to contribute to the development of AICe and Vietnam with the desire to be accompanied by the company to explore the new horizons.

Tobe continued….