“The most valuable asset of human beings is health and wisdom.” Understanding that, the management of AICe Company has conducted annual health examination for all employees. This is one of the annual activities of the company show the interest of leaders to the life, health of the members, and a highlight in the corporate culture building activities of the company.

With the motto “Good service, High technology” Hospital Medical University continues to be selected by the management board of companies as the partner of the program this year. As noted, the activity creates a very positive effect, which encourages each employee more engaged with the company,  more try and efforts to work harder.

During this physical examination, staff will be examined for overall health including: general health screening, endoscopic ENT, general abdominal ultrasonography, chest X-ray, ECG, blood test, urine test, …

Periodic health examination is an effective measure to help the Board of Directors reviews the overall situation and classification of health, helping staff detect unusual signs are at risk of developing the disease proactive, prevention and treatment of advocates from that create good psychology for staff assured the work.

Every participant with a cheerful spirit, exhilarating, made the Hospital Medical University bustling. The doctors and nurses of the hospital also feel close, friendly, dedicated “like family”