Information security policy


  1. Purpose and scope of collectionThe collection of data mainly on the website include: name, email, telephone, address of the customer in the contact section. This is the information that need members to provide mandatory when sending information by consulting or purchasing products and to to confirm the customer with the website to ensure benefits for consumers.Members shall be solely responsible for the confidentiality and retention of any service using the information provided by them and their e-mail. In addition, the member is responsible for timely notification to the web site about unauthorized use, abuse, security breach, retain the name and password of the third party to have appropriate remedies.
  2. The scope of information useThe Company uses the membership information provided to:– Contact the order confirmation and delivery to the member upon receiving the request from the member;– Providing product information to customers if requested by customers;– Sending marketing emails, promotions on goods sold by us;– Sending notices about the activities of the website;– Contact and solve with users in special cases;

    – Do not use personal information of users other than the purpose of confirmation and contact related transactions at;

    – When requested by judicial authorities including: procuracy, court, public security organs investigate related law violations of certain customers.

  3. Time of information storage

            Member’s personal data will be stored until requested by the board administrator.                                                        Remaining in all cases personal information will be kept confidential member on servers


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      5.  Address of the unit collecting and managing personal information

         Members have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by contacting the                       management of the website to do this. Members have the right to submit complaints about                     information security content. Members have the right to lodge a complaint about the confidentiality of                         information requested contact the management of the website When receiving this feedback,        will confirm the information, case as reflected by the member, will take timely                       measures.

      6. Commit to confidentiality of customer information

        – Personal information of members on is committed to absolute confidentiality under           the policy of The collection and use of information by each member can be made only with the               consent of the customer, unless otherwise provided for by law.

       – Don’t use, transfer, distribute or disclose to third parties any personal information about a user without the               consent of the user.

       – In cases the host of the information is hacked, resulting in personal data loss, will be responsible         for informing the case to the investigating authorities for timely processing and notification for members to know.

      – Absolutely confidential information of all online transactions of the member including the digital certificate of            account information on

      – The management board of requires individuals to register / purchase must provide all relevant              personal information such as full name, contact address, email, telephone…. and is responsible for the legality          of such information. The management of is not responsible nor will resolve any complaints related          to the interests of that member if it considers all personal information of that member provided at the initial                 registration is incorrect.