General Policy


    1. Warranty Policy

– Receive all complaints of customers related to the use of services of the company.

  1.   – In case of any warranty, you can contact us for warranty service- Warranty according to the manufacturer’s specifications, depending on the product  and  the warranty               period of each product.
    1. Payment / refund policy

    – When receiving customers please check carefully the goods we have delivered. After receiving DO NOT APPLY product return policy. Therefore, when receiving the goods please CHECK CAREFULLY. If you find that the goods are damaged due to transportation or expired, please call the number at the address of the customer to inform about the status of goods.

    – For delivery, receiving money at home: If found expired goods, not quality or damaged by the process of transportation… Please do not receive goods, do not pay for delivery staff.

    – For the form of advance transfer, the following delivery: If the goods found expired, no quality or damage caused by the transport… Please do not receive goods. Proceed to make a record of goods status. Guests and our shipper sign the affidavit in the document. We bring the goods back.

    – Based on actual goods and records on, we conducted exchange other products for customers within 2 working days. If customers no longer need to use products, we will refund 100% of money transferred after 7 working days (excluding Saturday, Sunday, holidays). If you have not received the money within 7 working days please return to us to check the transfer status.

    – We hope that the sales policies of the company will bring satisfaction and peace of mind when you buy.

    1. Payment policy
  2. There are 2 forms of payment, customers can choose the form convenient and appropriate:- Method 1: Pay directly to the company at the address below: Floor 2, Hoa Phat Giai Phong Building, 257 Giai Phong Street, Phuong Mai Ward, Dong Da District, Hanoi.

    – Method 2: Transfer payment via bank account.

    Details about your account email we will send the customer.

    Note: the transfer contents specify the information. We commit to transparent business, legitimate, quality sales, with clear origin.

    1. Shipping Policy

    – The mode of transportation will be agreed between the buyer and the seller to best match the situation of the parties.

    – Will ship when transactions are completed.

    – We always ensure the quality of transportation to you, goods are always intact when transported to the recipient.