CCS 1000 D Digital Discussion System



BOSCH is developed and integrated with many advanced features by the Digital Thinking System CCS1000D. Designed specifically for quick installation in the form of: plug & play, the system is ideal for small and medium sized meeting areas with mobility features such as city hall, court, business centers commercial companies for conferencing equipment, …

Excellent voice clarity system thanks to advanced digital audio processing capabilities and superior microphone and speaker performance. Speakers and microphones are activated simultaneously to provide a more natural face-to-face experience, encouraging participants to more easily attend the meeting.


  • The conference box easily changes functions for delegates or chairmen.
  • Exclude GMS noise.
  • Headphone jack with built-in volume control.
  • Control the system via touch keys on the front of the Controller.
  • Power up to 80 Conference Boxes & expand up to 240 Boxes.
  • Control, advanced configuration via web browser, tablet.
  • Separate support for automatic HD camera control.
  • Recording (internal memory card: 8 hours; USB (128GB): 4,000h)
  • Eliminate integrated digital audio feedback (DAFS).