DCN Multimedia systems



DCN Multimedia is a digital audio conference system, developed on an IP platform with OMNEO ( Open Media Network-ing Architecture) network architecture.

The system uses a touch screen, has an intuitive interface and uses Android operating system, very suitable for meeting rooms of companies, multinational corporations, government organizations, state , …

With flexible features such as participant identification, language selection, connectivity and display of multimedia content on the large-size touch screen, BOSCH’s DCN Multimedia is the perfect choice for any conference request.


  • Delegates easily access, share data (audio, images), Internet access on the same Workshop equipment.
  • High technology integration – Directive for high quality audio.
  • 2-way speaker system, sound is reproduced naturally.
  • Integrated “Anti-smart feedback” feature.
  • The data (audio, control signals) when transmitted in the system will be encoded according to international standards, ensuring high security.
  • Simple configuration, reduce installation, maintenance and maintenance costs.