DCN Conference Solutions


DCN Next Generation (DCN NG) brings the results of advanced digital technology to conference and conference systems. Processing and transmitting digital signals through a simple network not only improves sound quality, but also simplifies operation and installation.
DCN NG control system has a wide range of type options, with user-friendly software for setting up and controlling conferences.
DCN NG provides flexible management features for conference types, from small meetings to multi-lingual international conferences with thousands of participants. This is a complete, versatile digital system and ensures safety in the transmission of high quality audio signals during the conference.


  • Won many design awards.
  • Simple structure, optimal efficiency in meetings.
  • Full voting facilities, translation channel selection function.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • No mobile phone interference.
  • Automatic camera control.
  • Easily expand the system with wired and wireless devices.
  • Easy to set up, control and maintain.



  • LBB4116 / xx extension cable
  • LBB4116 / 00 100m dedicated extension cable
  • The pair of DCN connectors consists of 25 pairs of LBB4119/00